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The Golden Reason Samsung Wants The Galaxy Note 7 Back

Published Wednesday 19th October 2016

Mobile phone giant Samsung has been in the headlines after the worldwide recall of its Galaxy Note 7 after a number of incidents of overheating.

The company is desperate for customers who bought the ill-fated phone to return it and one reason has to be that the device contains valuable...

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Jewellery Designer Recognises Lustre Of Recycled Gold

Published Wednesday 12th October 2016

A former London-based jewellery designer, who moved to Los Angeles is making a name for herself by using recycled gold.

Durrah Khalil was never one for recycling until she started working with the LA-based brand Love Goodly.

She had previously relied on virgin gold, which was manufactured to her designs...

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Fairtrade And Recycled Gold: Helping To Protect The Planet

Published Wednesday 5th October 2016

Recycled and Fairtrade gold are the most environmentally – and people – friendly types of the precious metal you can buy.

If you’re buying gold jewellery for yourself or as a gift, it’s likely that a fair proportion of it has been recycled from other items. The beauty...

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Why Recycling Your Old Gold Should Be On Your Christmas List

Published Wednesday 28th September 2016

It doesn’t seem two minutes since the August Bank Holiday but already we’re almost in October and the shops are filling up with Christmas stock.

If you’ve started to think about your Christmas shopping, you’re probably also thinking about how you’re going to fund it. This is popular...

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High Gold Prices Start Recycling Rush In India

Published Wednesday 21st September 2016

The high value of gold this year has seen a flood of old, broken and stored pieces made from the precious metal coming back on to the market.

India, where the government has been pushing people to recycle their old gold to cut down on the need for expensive imports,...

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Scottish Scientists Lead The Way With Gold Recycling Breakthrough

Published Wednesday 14th September 2016

A team of Scottish scientists have come up with an effective way of stripping gold out of old computer and smartphone circuit boards.

The University of Edinburgh scientists are aiming to stop gold being sent to landfill by developing a more effective method of recovering it from old electronic circuits....

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Japan Plans To Use Recycled Gold For 2020 Olympic Medals

Published Thursday 1st September 2016

The Rio Olympics may only just be over but medal-makers’ thoughts are already turning to where they will source the gold for the next Games in 2020.

The organisers of the Tokyo Games in four years’ time are looking to use recycled gold to make the medals for the Olympics...

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Recycled Gold Grows In Popularity With Ethical Shoppers

Published Wednesday 24th August 2016

When you convert your old, broken and unwanted gold jewellery into cash, you’re also going a long way to helping other people reach their dreams.

Dozens of British jewellers now have ethical gold policies and they are becoming increasingly important to brides and grooms. There is a growth in demand...

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What Happens When You Sell Your Unwanted Gold For Recycling?

Published Thursday 18th August 2016

When we receive your unwanted or broken gold jewellery for recycling, it’s just the start of a journey to create new gold items.

The first step is to discover the value of the gold in the pieces. They are sorted into different carats – the higher the carat number, the...

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Find Out How To Turn Your Unwanted Gold Items Into Cash

Published Wednesday 10th August 2016

Selling your broken, old or unwanted gold jewellery to convert to cash is actually pretty straightforward. We’re based in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter, but you don’t need to travel to the shop to complete the transaction: it can all be done by post.

When you’re selling gold items, remember to...

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Can Your Old Jewellery Help Meet Global Demand For Gold?

Published Wednesday 3rd August 2016

The world may not have enough gold available for purchase to meet immediate demand from investors for the precious metal, making the need even greater for old and unwanted gold jewellery to be recycled.

Indeed, there is a growing demand for recycled gold because there is not enough new gold...

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Why More People Are Recycling Gold Jewellery Than Silver Pieces

Published Wednesday 27th July 2016

There is a major difference between how much gold and silver recycled jewellery is coming on to the market to be used again, according to a new analysis.

Around 551 tonnes of silver jewellery was bought up to be used again worldwide last year, figures from the Metals Focus: Silver...

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Apple Recovers £28 Million In Scrap Gold From Old IPhones And IPads

Published Wednesday 13th July 2016

It’s highly unlikely your old, broken or outdated gold jewellery will end up in the bin and heading for landfill, because it’s not the kind of thing you throw out with the rubbish.

But it’s a different story with electronic waste that’s past its sell-by date or just doesn’t work...

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Giant E-waste Scrap Market Is A Gold Mine For Precious Metals

Published Wednesday 6th July 2016

The precious metal from your broken and unwanted gold jewellery that you can convert into cash is generally melted down and used to create new jewellery designs.

But as we’ve explored in previous articles, gold is a very important component in modern electronics from your laptop to your smart phone,...

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Why The EU Referendum Vote Should Increase The Worth Of Your Scrap Gold

Published Wednesday 29th June 2016

You may think last week’s vote for the UK to leave the European Union doesn’t have much to do with the price of your old, broken and unwanted gold items.

But you’d be wrong. The Brexit vote has sent the price of gold – which was already strong – even...

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