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Why More People Are Recycling Gold Jewellery Than Silver Pieces

Published Wednesday 27th July 2016

There is a major difference between how much gold and silver recycled jewellery is coming on to the market to be used again, according to a new analysis.

Around 551 tonnes of silver jewellery was bought up to be used again worldwide last year, figures from the Metals Focus: Silver...

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Apple Recovers £28 Million In Scrap Gold From Old IPhones And IPads

Published Wednesday 13th July 2016

It’s highly unlikely your old, broken or outdated gold jewellery will end up in the bin and heading for landfill, because it’s not the kind of thing you throw out with the rubbish.

But it’s a different story with electronic waste that’s past its sell-by date or just doesn’t work...

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Giant E-waste Scrap Market Is A Gold Mine For Precious Metals

Published Wednesday 6th July 2016

The precious metal from your broken and unwanted gold jewellery that you can convert into cash is generally melted down and used to create new jewellery designs.

But as we’ve explored in previous articles, gold is a very important component in modern electronics from your laptop to your smart phone,...

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