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Precious Metals Are Found In The Most Surprising Everyday Items

Published Wednesday 25th May 2016

You may be surprised by the range of unused or unwanted items that contain precious metal and can generate some extra cash if you decide to sell.

While most people realise there is money to be made from broken gold jewellery and items they will never wear again, there are...

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Demand For Gold From UK Jewellers Is Increasing

Published Wednesday 18th May 2016

If you have old, unwanted or broken gold jewellery to sell, now is a great time to make some money on it because demand is currently on the up.

New figures from the World Gold Council show that the UK jewellery industry used one per cent more gold in the...

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Why Recycling Your Unwanted Gold Can Help The Planet

Published Wednesday 11th May 2016

The first and foremost issue in most people’s minds when they recycle their old, broken or unwanted gold jewellery is usually the extra cash they can earn to use for other things.

But recycling the precious metal also benefits the environment and there is a growing worldwide push to persuade...

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Recycling Gold: Why Is Scrap Gold Such A Major Industry In India?

Published Wednesday 4th May 2016

The old, broken and unwanted gold that you sell for recycling in the UK has a new life in gold jewellery or as part of the hi-tech circuitry in mobile phones and computers.

But in India, it’s a different story. There’s a drive going on in India to persuade more...

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