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Today's Gold Rate Per Gram. We Are Paying:
9ct 14ct 18ct 22ct 24ct
£17.01 £26.54 £34.03 £41.56 £45.37

Sell Gold Jewellery

Are you looking to sell Gold jewellery? Do you have old, unwanted or broken gold jewellery?

Scrap Gold would like to buy your gold now for use in our manufacturing jewellery business.

Top prices paid for your old gold jewellery and precious metals...

  • Sell Gold earrings, earstuds, sleepers and creoles
  • Gold chains, necklaces, pendants and crosses
  • Gold bracelets, i.d. bracelets, bangles and wrist chains
  • Gold rings, sovereign rings, signet rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings, diamond rings, plain gold rings and stone set rings
  • Gold body jewellery
  • Gold jewellery with stones
  • Krugerrands are 22ct but contain (one ounce/31.1035 grams) of pure gold
  • Canadian Maple Leaf (one ounce/31.1035 grams) of 99.99% pure gold
  • Sovereign (7.98 grams) of 22ct
  • Half sovereigns (3.99 grams) of 22ct
  • Any other gold coins - we can assess the purity and price.
  • Gold teeth, gold fillings and dental scrap
  • Gold ingots
  • Gold bars
  • Gold alloys
  • Any other gold item

Please note: We will not buy gold plated jewellery or costume jewellery

9 Carat Gold - what does this mean?

Pure gold is 24 carat. The most common carats used in jewellery and bullion are as follows:-

  • 9 ct = 37.5%  Gold
  • 10ct = 41.7% Gold
  • 14ct = 58.5% Gold
  • 15ct = 62.5% Gold
  • 18ct = 75%    Gold
  • 20ct=  83.3% Gold
  • 22ct=  91.6% Gold
  • 24ct=  99.99%Gold
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