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Scrap Gold FAQ's

The following are a collection of frequently asked questions, if you need further information about our Gold, Silver and Platinum buying services, please feel free to contact Scrap Gold on 01902 828 400 (local call rate) or view our contact details.

FInd out what past customers think about our service, visit the Scrap Gold Customer Feedback.

How long does it take to receive my money?

We will make payment within 1-2 days* of receiving your goods. *excluding weekends and public holidays.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid by Bank Transfer. Cheque is available upon request.

How do I work out the value?

Simply weigh the items and use our online scrap gold calculator.

What if I don't have any scales?

We will weigh the items and call you on the day the goods arrive to confirm the weight and amount payable to you for your items.

How do I send them to you?

Follow our three simple steps guide. Click here.

What if my jewellery contains stones?

We will remove the stones and weigh the items without the stones.

What types of scrap do you buy?

All types of gold, silver and platinum.

Do you buy gold plated or costume jewellery?

Sorry no.

What if the money received is different from my online calculation?

The money supplied may differ to your calculation, as we remove stones and non precious metals, such as springs, fillings and base metal clasps.  We use precision electronic scales to calculate the exact weight.