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Scrap Gold In Waste - A Rubbish Story

Published Tuesday 28th January 2020

You would think that anyone who found a piece of scrap gold in their home would see the great value it holds within. Gold is one of the most valuable of all the precious metals, as purer examples of it hardly oxidise at all.

For centuries, people have placed great value in gold, and with higher prices in 2020, it makes sense to consider freeing up some cash, by selling your scrap gold. Despite its great value, gold is increasingly being thrown away in our weekly rubbish collections, meaning so many of us are missing out.

Bags of gold thrown away

Over the past few years, waste disposal companies have approached us, reporting that they have found quantities of scrap gold, with no clear way of working out who it belongs to or whether people threw it all away intentionally or by accident.

Whatever the cause, the amount of gold discovered by waste management companies could equal a small fortune - whether lost, thrown away in landfill or found by someone else who goes on to make a sale.

In recent months, we’ve reported on how families with large sums of scrap gold in their homes have resorted to selling treasured family heirlooms, for fear of being the targets of theft. 

Not only that, but we revealed how the Japanese were able to take millions of old smartphones and devices, recycling enough gold to produce thousands of medals for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

If you have unwanted scrap gold, it would be far more worthwhile to hold onto it while you get a valuation.

Sell your scrap gold with us

Fortunately, Scrap Gold UK has just what you need, if you’re curious about selling some scrap gold today.

Our scrap gold calculator can give you a quick and easy valuation, without you even having to post your items. All it takes is a few clicks and a rough idea about the purity and weight of the scrap gold you’ve got. See how high current prices are - at the time of writing, a gram of 9-carat gold could earn you as much as £14.16.

If you’ve got a substantial number of items suitable for scrap, made of gold, they’ll probably be worth significantly more than this figure - why not try the calculator today, to see what it’s all worth?

If you’re still wavering about making a sale, just remember that gold prices have rarely been so high, and it makes sense to take advantage of this peak, to maximise the value of any sale you’re considering making. Once you’re ready to go, remember to fill in this easy-to-use seller form.

If this is your first time selling scrap gold, it might be good to have a chat on the phone, just to outline what could be gained from selling with Scrap Gold UK today. Feel free to ring us on 01902 828 400.

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