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Scrap Gold Ripe For Selling In Post-Lockdown Period

Published Monday 24th May 2021

COVID-19 cases continue to diminish in the UK, thanks to the lockdown restrictions in concert with the roll-out of vaccines since the new year. Even as good news fills the headlines, many of us are still feeling the pinch, having taken a financial hit since March 2020.

However, if you have even a single piece of scrap gold in your home, you could be in for a golden surprise if you should choose to sell as restrictions ease in the summer of 2021.

Summer 2021 could be golden

What makes the summer of 2021 a golden opportunity for you to consider selling scrap gold today? Prices have been on a tear since 2015, having effectively doubled up until the summer of 2020. While gold prices remain steady since last year, they remain elevated and higher than virtually any time in nominal terms.

Selling with Scrap Gold UK is one way to cash in on this so-called gold rush. According to our Scrap Gold Calculator, you could make £15.20 from selling just one gram of 9-carat gold. Imagine the financial boost to be had from selling a heavier item with a greater purity. It certainly pays to do an audit of the gold lying about your home, as you may be in for a surprise!

What better way to celebrate restrictions easing than to enjoy having a bit more cash from having sold any unwanted scrap gold this summer?

Gold buyers galore

There are many gold buyers to choose from, but Scrap Gold UK is worth choosing, as we are specialists in this market. We know the real thing from electroplated alternatives when it comes to gold items. Our aforementioned calculator can be used at home to help you value your gold, but you can always arrange an online valuation with us over Zoom, if you need a discerning eye to help work out what your item is really worth.

If you are in a position to make a sale, it’s the right time to start filling in this Seller’s Form. When selling, we strongly encourage customers to take advantage of the Royal Mail’s door-to-door collection service. This means you can hand your package to a Royal Mail courier from your doorstep and track it along its journey by using the fully insured Special Delivery service, giving you peace of mind during the sale.

When we receive the item, we take note of current gold prices and will analyse your item, before contacting you to make an offer. With gold prices elevated this summer, the argument for selling sooner rather than later grows harder to deny. When selling, why not make it Scrap Gold UK?

Call us on 01902 828 400 to learn more about doing so today.

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