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Scrap Gold UK Keeps An Eye On Gold Authenticity

Published Monday 26th April 2021

We all want to make sure that the things we sell get a fair price, especially when it comes to precious metals such as gold and silver. These metals possess a significant intrinsic value, and it’s hard to fake them without raising red flags. Things to spot include weight, the existence of hallmarks and certification.

High prices for gold and silver make it easy for some to make a quick profit by selling less worthy items as if they were as good as gold. That’s why we have some ideas to consider, if you are on the verge of making a sale today.

Scratch beneath the surface

Many sellers might apparently offer you a slice of cheap, easy-to-acquire gold or silver items such as coins, helping give you the illusion that you’ve got a lucrative item worth selling as prices rise in the future. However, Scrap Gold UK knows that it’s hard to fake the real thing. True gold is a dense metal, and shouldn’t fade or get tarnished.

Electroplated gold and silver are sly ways for vendors to deceive you into buying counterfeit items, as they are actually comprised of a far cheaper metal covered in a superficial layer of gold or silver. Gold and silver, in their true form, come at a price, and if you suspect you are selling something which you originally acquired far too easily, this could be a sign to watch.

A lack of authenticity can be easy to determine if gold coins don’t have a certificate of authenticity. Such documents are essential in allowing you to trace the origins of your item, and ensure you purchased the original item through a reputable seller.

A bird’s eye view of your item

Scrap Gold UK has the expertise required to help determine whether your item is what you think it is. We offer video calls over Zoom, to observe your item from the safety of your home, or better still, you can post them to us by Royal Mail Special Delivery. Use the secure home pick-up service and track your package, and then wait for us to analyse your item.

We have the tools and the know-how to reveal whether you have an item worth its weight in gold or silver. It pays to bring in the experts, and we are always keen to help sellers get what they deserve for a true piece of gold or silver.

Got an item but want to be sure about what you could make from selling it, before posting it to us? Check out our Gold Scrap Calculator. All you need to use it is information such as the item’s weight or purity. It offers a near-instant valuation completely for free.

Think you have an item which needs checking over, before selling to us? Call Scrap Gold UK on 01902 828 400 today.

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Gold And Silver - Making Sure It’s The Real Deal

Published Thursday 1st April 2021

As buyers of precious metals for many years now, Scrap Gold UK are experts when it comes to authenticity. We know that it’s certainly a seller’s market, as gold prices are close to record highs, offering a reward for those with some scrap gold they wish to finally sell today.

However, we’re noticing a number of sellers mailing in significant amounts of ‘false’ gold or silver - items which appear to be pure but are actually cheaper alternatives. This short-changes sellers, so we’ll give you some facts to help inform whether your item is indeed genuine and able to attract a fair price.

Gold and silver never fade

One of the most common ways you might be short-changed into having false gold or silver is through vendors having previously offered you items which are in fact electroplated. This electrochemical process gives metallic items the appearance of having that distinctive gold or silver shimmer, but scratch below the surface, and you’ll find they used copper as a base metal.

That’s because electroplating applies a thin layer of gold or silver over the cheaper copper base, but this layer degrades over time. One way to spot for electroplated items is to see whether the thin layer has worn through. True gold and silver are renowned for being resistant to oxidation. You may find the odd scratch or dent, but gold and silver should never look faded or worn through.

The issue with electroplating is simple - while the item looks golden or silvery and lasts for a time, it isn’t true gold, and just a cheap alternative. This catches many a gold seller out, when the time comes, and can be a great disappointment, which is why we strongly suggest you check your item carefully before making a sale.

Check for a hallmark

If checking for any signs of tarnishing is easier said than done, here’s another way of assessing whether your item is truly genuine - hallmarks. Gold and silver items above certain weights are legally required to bear hallmarks. These allow people to see how pure they are, as well as allowing them to see the Assay Office and Sponsor Mark they were given.

Purity is best identified on gold items in the form of three-digit numbers, counting up to 999. If you should find a number such as 375, that denotes the item as having 9 Carat, or a purity of 37.5 per cent. Any higher, and you can expect your item to be worth more, thanks to higher purity.

To see what your item could be worth if you sell with Scrap Gold UK, simply feed its purity and its weight into our Scrap Gold Calculator, so you can find a fair value for it without having to send a single gram. If you’re ready to sell, it’s time to fill in the Seller’s Form.

If you still have questions, regarding the quality of your scrap gold or silver items, feel free to give us a call on 01902 828 400 and we’ll do our best to help with any enquiry you may have.

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