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Recycled Gold Grows In Popularity With Ethical Shoppers

Published Wednesday 24th August 2016

When you convert your old, broken and unwanted gold jewellery into cash, you’re also going a long way to helping other people reach their dreams.

Dozens of British jewellers now have ethical gold policies and they are becoming increasingly important to brides and grooms. There is a growth in demand...

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What Happens When You Sell Your Unwanted Gold For Recycling?

Published Thursday 18th August 2016

When we receive your unwanted or broken gold jewellery for recycling, it’s just the start of a journey to create new gold items.

The first step is to discover the value of the gold in the pieces. They are sorted into different carats – the higher the carat number, the...

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Find Out How To Turn Your Unwanted Gold Items Into Cash

Published Wednesday 10th August 2016

Selling your broken, old or unwanted gold jewellery to convert to cash is actually pretty straightforward. We’re based in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter, but you don’t need to travel to the shop to complete the transaction: it can all be done by post.

When you’re selling gold items, remember to...

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Can Your Old Jewellery Help Meet Global Demand For Gold?

Published Wednesday 3rd August 2016

The world may not have enough gold available for purchase to meet immediate demand from investors for the precious metal, making the need even greater for old and unwanted gold jewellery to be recycled.

Indeed, there is a growing demand for recycled gold because there is not enough new gold...

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