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How much is 9ct gold worth?

Published Wednesday 22nd February 2023

what is 9ct gold

         Key Takeaways:
  • 9ct gold is an alloy of gold and other metals like copper, zinc, and silver, with a gold content of 37.5%.
  • Factors that affect the value of 9ct gold include weight, purity, hallmark, condition, and market demand.
  • The value of 9ct gold is lower than other carat weights due to its lower gold content.
  • Research, using online calculators, appraisals, and scrap gold dealers can help determine the market value of 9ct gold.
  • When buying or selling 9ct gold, it's essential to find a reputable dealer, research the market, and negotiate on price to get the best offer.

Introduction: What is 9ct gold?

Are you interested in buying or selling 9ct gold? If you have jewellery to sell, or you’re looking to add to your collection, this comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know about 9ct gold.

Gold jewellery is classified according to its composition. You can buy different types of gold jewellery, including 9ct, 18ct and 24ct gold. If you are thinking about selling gold, the carat is one of the most significant factors when determining the price. An alloy, or mixture, of metals, 9ct gold is made from gold (37.5%) as well as other metals, including copper, zinc and silver. Rose gold usually contains copper while white gold contains silver.

Which factors affect the value of 9ct gold?

Key factors that affect the value of 9ct gold prices

Key factors that affect the value of 9ct gold prices include:

  1. Weight: the weight of the piece will impact its value. The weight will be considered alongside the purity of the gold.
  2. Hallmark: the presence of a hallmark confirms the purity of the piece.
  3. Condition: gold jewellery that is in good condition will be worth more than similar pieces that are damaged or worn.
  4. Market demand: the higher the demand for gold, the higher the price.

How does the value of 9ct gold compare to other carat weights?

The value of gold, including scrap gold and gold jewellery, varies according to the carat, weight and the purity of the metal. Prices for 9ct gold are lower than other carat weights, including 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct gold. This is because 9ct gold contains less fine gold than pieces with a higher carat value.

How to determine the market value of 9ct gold

Gold prices fluctuate in line with market demand and other factors that impact the value of gold, such as wider economic and political issues. If you want to sell a gold ring, or you’re thinking of buying a piece of jewellery, it’s wise to research prices and learn how to determine the current market value of 9ct gold. Here are some steps to take:

Research: carry out research online to check current prices and market demand and see how prices have changed in recent days and weeks.
Use an online calculator: online calculators are a simple, accessible and convenient way to calculate gold prices and get an accurate idea of how much your 9-carat jewellery is worth.
Appraisals: if you go to a dealer or a pawnbroker, they will examine your gold and provide a quote based on current market values and the weight, condition and purity of the piece.
Scrap gold dealers: if you’re looking to sell scrap gold, scrap gold dealers will make you an offer based on the price of gold, the amount of gold you have and its purity.

Tips for buying and selling 9-carat gold

tips for buying and selling 9-carat gold

If you are buying or selling 9-carat gold, here are some tips to get the best price:

Find a reputable dealer or website: always choose a reputable, trustworthy dealer, pawnbroker or website with a proven track record. Study a website or dealer's review history to ensure that they look after their customers.

Negotiate: be prepared to negotiate on the price to get the best offer possible. It is worth haggling once you get the first quote to see if a dealer will offer more.

How much is my scrap gold worth? Use our simple calculator to find out!

If you’re wondering how much your gold is worth, click here to use our simple, fast online scrap gold calculator.


The price of scrap gold and gold jewellery depends primarily on the weight of the piece and its purity. The value of 9ct gold is lower than 18ct and 24ct gold, for example, because it is less pure. Nine-carat gold is an alloy, which contains 37.5% gold and other metals, including copper, silver or zinc. If you are buying or selling 9ct gold, it’s beneficial to check prices, research the market and choose a reputable dealer, website or pawnbroker. Always negotiate on price to get the best offer.