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History Of Hallmarking

Published Monday 26th July 2010

Birmingham Assay Office

This History of Hallmarking article is provided by the Birmingham Assay Office.

The history of hallmarking dates back over 700 years to a statue instituted by Edward I. Its purpose then was the same as it is today – To protect the...

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Exploring Gold Mines

Published Saturday 17th July 2010

Old Gold Mine Photo

A follow-on to yesterday’s blog article Is There Gold in the UK? Anyone interested in UK gold mining history and looking to visit a mine may want to head over to Mine Explorer, a website dedicated to, well Exploring...

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Is There Gold In The UK?

Published Friday 16th July 2010

UK Gold Mine Photo

In 1998 the UK’s last operational gold mine ceased activity; the cost of extracting the gold from the Cononish Gold mine, close to the village of Tyndrum in Scotland made the business uneconomical.

Ten years on and in July 2008 the...

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Fair Trade Jewellery

Published Saturday 10th July 2010

We are all by now familiar with the Scrap Gold concept, recycling old gold and silver, particularly jewellery, but while our inspiration may be driven by and all time high gold price and the promise of a healthy return, there is still the environmentally friendly aspect of recycling raw materials...

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Scrap Gold UK Leading The Way

Published Thursday 1st July 2010

Over the past 18 months, Scrap Gold UK have lead the way in the ethical Scrap Gold Industry, consistently paying the highest prices for scrap gold and silver and maintaining an excellent level of customer service.

In that period, we’ve surpassed half a million site visitors (555,342 to be precise)...

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