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Weigh Your Own Gold

Published Wednesday 29th September 2010

Weigh your gold with Digital Scales

We have quite a few people asking how they can accurately weigh their own gold before sending it in to us and also to enable them to use our online calculator more accurately.

While we do stress that we are a long established reputable scrap gold dealer with a big emphasis on honesty and transparency, we appreciate people are always wary of sending something of value to an unknown company without knowing all the facts.   We certainly don’t take any offence to people making such requests and actively encourage getting an accurate reading of weight before sending in items.

To get an accurate weight measure and price quote, you’ll need to use digital scales and accurantly identify the metal purity. Digital scales are a must as they will give priciest weight grams, traditional scales, or kitchen scales with a dial are often far from accurate and very difficult to read when you’re only weighting items of a few grams.  All gold, silver and platinum items should have an identifying purity hallmark, for gold, these will range from 375 for 9 carat gold to 999 for 24 carat purity. Silver hallmarks range from 800 to 999 and platinum from 850 to 999. 

If you’re regularly selling scrap gold or your items are of reasonable value, it may be worth investing in a set of digital scales to weigh your goods before sending them in to us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when we provide the exact weight you were expecting!

You can buy a perfectly acceptable set of digital scales for around £5 on Amazon or eBay; we’d recommend looking at digital scales on Amazon – Don’t forget you may incur some shipping charges on top of the quoted price.

Also worth remembering when weighing gold, or silver, platinum or palladium – we are a precious metals dealer and only interested in the precious metal weight – Any stones or other attachments to the item that aren’t gold, silver, platinum or palladium that you feel have additional value or wish to keep should be removed before weighing your items and sending in to us.

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