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Sell Dental Gold

Dental Gold has long been used in dentistry as a cavity filling and crowning material, chosen for its malleable and comparative hard wearing properties.  In recent years, porcelain and other emerging materials and techniques have seen the use of gold in dental crowns and bridges drop.

sell your dental gold

In many parts of the world, gold teeth are still common and used as a cosmetic display of wealth.  Gold teeth have seen a resurgence in recent years as they've become more popular in Hip-Hop culture - Known as 'Grills' these gold are sometimes platinum teeth are in fact removable plates that fit over the teeth.

With scrap gold prices rising significantly in recent years, dental gold is increasingly being sold for cash, with the average gold crown weighing 3 to 4 grams, this can return a healthy profit for the seller!

Scrap Gold UK pay cash for damaged, deteriorating or unwanted dental gold, regardless of size, quality or condition.  If you have gold crowns, bridges, inlays, on-lays, PFG's or PFM's, contact Scrap Gold now to find out how much your dental gold is worth.

Ensure that you thoroughly clean all traces of biological matter from dental items before sending them in. We are not equipped to process items containing biological matter and Royal Mail restrictions prevent the return of such items to you through the post.

If you're a dentist with a quantity of dental gold to sell, contact us on 01902 828 400.

Scrap Gold UK are one of the original gold dealers offering one of the most competitive scrap gold prices.  Always shop around and always ensure you have all the information before sending your gold to an online dealer.

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