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Physical Gold Market Squeezed, Boosting Seller Opportunities

Published Tuesday 29th June 2021

Physical Gold Market Squeezed, Boosting Seller Opportunities

Just from looking at gold prices last year, you can see the pandemic was a golden opportunity for anyone with a bit of gold to sell at long last and make once-in-a-lifetime amounts from doing so. The price was right, as it were, as gold was hitting all-time-highs, but now a new rally could be in the pipeline, making 2021 every bit as good a time to sell.

Coins become increasingly popular

Gold coins are some of the most attractive gold items on the market, and come in all sorts of varieties: Sovereigns, Britannias, Krugerrands and American Eagles, for example. They are just some of the items you can sell with Scrap Gold UK, and when you see how the gold coin market is doing, you might want to get in touch sooner rather than later.

Supply of gold coins is constrained by the pandemic, but demand has continued to rise. The US Mint captures just a slither of this trend, as they revealed that sales of gold coins rose 258 per cent in the last year. Unless gold supplies increase rapidly to counteract this spike in demand, prices could also spike, making any gold coin you may have incredibly valuable all of a sudden.

With mints struggling to keep up with higher-than-expected demand, the second-hand market for gold coins is the next best bet for many, which is why you could be sitting on a literal goldmine, if you feel like you’re in a position to sell gold coins in 2021.

Sell second-hand with Scrap Gold UK

Gold coins are especially valuable to the right buyer, because they are historical records of times long ago. Sovereigns have a history stretching back centuries, and are greatly treasured when a new one finds its way onto the market somehow.

Scrap Gold UK is especially good at helping give valuations to gold coins and other such items. If you’re looking for a free valuation, why not try our Gold Scrap Calculator. So long as you know the purity and weight of your item, you should be in a position to work out what it could be worth in today’s money, as it will surely have appreciated many times in value since it was first minted.

When you send your coin to us, subject to its condition, we could be in a position to offer you a selling price worth 100 per cent of its spot price. Demand is just that high - you would be entering into the sellers’ market at the optimum time, as buyers are falling over themselves to get access to coins wherever they can be found.

If selling is on your mind, but you’d like a valuation, get in touch with Scrap Gold UK today, by calling us on 01902 828 400.