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Sell Scrap Gold To Boost Your Family Summer Holiday Funds

Published Thursday 16th June 2022

Sell Scrap Gold to Boost your Family Summer Holiday Funds

June may have started with the mercury high, but we all know how unreliable British summertime is. That’s why you may be planning a traditional summer holiday abroad later this summer. But, with inflation at historic heights, and the cost-of-living crisis biting hard, you may be struggling to free up the money you need to fund the holiday that you deserve.

In this article, we will explain how you can sell scrap gold to release funds to afford the break you’ve been looking forward to.

What is scrap gold?

You might think that you don’t have any scrap gold to sell at home. However, scrap gold is more common than you might think and comes in various forms.

Scrap gold can include broken or unwanted jewellery, gold coin collections, gold family heirlooms, old watches and even dental gold. And we accept other precious metals not just the yellow metal. We buy gold, silver, platinum and palladium. For a full list of the items we buy click here.

How are prices faring at the moment?

As an overall trend, prices have been rising consistently, and at times dramatically for more than a decade. Our live prices gold chart shows that the price of pure gold at the time of writing on June 15th, is £48 per gram. At the beginning of the year 5th January, pure gold was priced at £43 per gram.

On 14th June last year gold was priced at £42 per gram, so, in the space of a year gold prices have risen £6 per gram. At the moment, gold prices are relatively stable and not rising particularly noticeably, however gold is still trending upwards in the long term. And gold tends to rise during times of economic uncertainty, as it is seen as a hedge against inflation by investors. Therefore, it would be unsurprising if gold were to rise in the months to come.

Sell your scrap gold today

Selling your scrap gold is an easy process and you can release cash in as little as 2 hours from us receiving your package.

At Scrap Gold UK you can sell your gold in three simple steps.

Firstly, value your gold using our scrap gold calculator. We also offer calculators for silver, platinum and palladium. You will only need to know the weight and purity of our gold and we’ll calculate the value of your metals.

The second step involves delivery. Package your items and send them via the Royal Mail Insured Special Delivery service, include our seller’s form in your package and post. We recommend packaging your items securely in a jiffy bag and sending via a Royal Mail Special Delivery tamper-proof envelope, which allows you to insure your package for contents up to £2,500.

Finally, you will receive your money by secure bank transfer. This will usually be processed on the day we receive your parcel (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Any questions? Get in touch

We’re always on hand to help those looking to sell scrap gold. Get in touch with us if you have any questions about your gold. Perhaps you are unsure of its purity, or you’d prefer we value it for you.

We’re also happy to meet you face to face, so feel free to book an appointment to join us in our head offices in Wolverhampton.

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