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Gold - Relic From Before History

Published Monday 30th September 2019

Gold has been a prized precious metal for most of human history. Egyptian pharaohs adorned their tombs with gold-painted items to aid them in the afterlife because they knew gold had a unique ability to withstand the test of time.

It is also one of the rarest precious metals on the planet, and its rarity makes gold one of the most commonly-recycled of them all. Read more to learn from Scrap Gold UK about gold’s great potential as a recyclable metal here.

All the gold in the world

If you’re interested in gold, there’s a good chance you have heard the following claim: gold is so rare that if you melted down all the gold mined from the earth over the centuries, it would amount to a cube that would fit beneath the Eiffel Tower.

Believe it or not, it’s true. If that fact’s not enough to pique your interest, here’s another one for you.

Between 2005 and 2010, it is estimated by some that recycled gold accounted for as much as 35 per cent of all available gold on the open market. That’s a lot of the total gold supply, all melted down and remoulded into all sorts of new shapes and sizes.

When you unearth an old heirloom, like an old gold ring or some jewellery, it should give you some pause for thought: what could this scrap gold have been in a past life? Treasure in centuries past, or perhaps the prized possession of a king or queen of England?

Relic from before history

You might not think it, but any item of scrap gold you possess is older than the Earth itself. Scientists believe gold was most likely formed from the explosion of supernovas billions of years ago. These stellar explosions rained fragments of debris across the universe, and some of this debris settled on a newly-formed Earth, being absorbed into the surface.

Just think – your scrap gold started life from a ball of superheated gas, millions of light-years away, billions of years ago. It will have taken on many shapes and sizes before being found in its present form, but it’s like a relic of a time before history.

Scrap Gold UK have been specialists in the field of scrap gold for many decades, and offer respectable prices for items ranging from dental gold, old jewellery and old heirlooms. Just a gram of nine carat gold could fetch a price as high as £14.30 if you sold it based on prices as of late September.

Check out our Gold Price Calculator, to see what your scrap gold could be worth, based on the latest market prices. It’s a handy tool, to help you time your sale of scrap gold perfectly, in case the markets make a breakout to fresh heights.

It’s especially important to keep an eye on this, as the price of gold has been hitting all-time highs all summer, so today could be one of the best times to sell your scrap gold with Scrap Gold UK.

If you wish to get in touch, to talk about how Scrap Gold UK can help with your scrap gold enquiries, feel free to give us a call or write to us by email or post. Alternatively, feel free to book an appointment, if you wish to see us in person, at our headquarters in Wolverhampton, so we can discuss how best to sell your scrap gold items.

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