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Gold is Becoming a Greener Precious Metal

Published Thursday 29th July 2021

Gold has come in many shapes and forms over the centuries; its malleability and the ease with which it can be melted down and reshaped makes recycling an obvious choice. It should gain more traction as a low-carbon alternative to resource-intensive mining, and there is evidence to suggest a green revolution is already underway in the gold markets.

Gold turns green

The green revolution is being felt in the gold markets, with the supply of recycled gold hitting the markets rising as a share of overall supply. In 2020, the World Gold Council estimated that recycled gold accounted for 28 per cent of total supplies, an impressive feat and a better way of getting more gold where it’s wanted, without hurting the planet.

Just as gold can persist for centuries, the impact of mining for gold can leave long-lasting damage on the planet in the form of emissions and pollution caused by tearing large quantities of rock out of the ground. Before too long, we will soon find seams running dry, and so the case for recycling will become less of an alternative, but rather the only way of taking gold and making something new out of it.

The case for recycling gold is clear, according to some of the latest research. A paper suggested recycled gold is 300 times better for the planet than gold sourced from primary production. While you might not notice your gold seeming greener on the surface, ensuring it is recycled will certainly leave the planet in a better state.

Winning gold in 2021

You only have to turn to the Tokyo Olympics to see what can be achieved with a bit of imagination when it comes to gold. Rather than tearing the ground up to find small seams of gold on a mass scale, the Japanese government opted to mine discarded smartphones and other devices for scrap gold. They extracted this gold and melted it down to form the medals awarded to athletes at this year’s Olympic games.

You could become part of the green revolution in the gold markets by planning to have any gold of your own sold and recycled. By selling to Scrap Gold UK, you can be sure of attracting prices of as much as £15.13 per gram for a piece of 9-carat gold. What was once a piece of jewellery or unwanted coins or bars could be melted down eventually, and transformed into a new golden item for future generations to marvel at – all without having to extract a single extra gram of gold from the soil.

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