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Selling Scrap Gold In The Aftermath Of Her Majesty The Queen’s Passing

Published Monday 10th October 2022

Selling Scrap Gold in the Aftermath of Her Majesty The Queen’s Passing

Queen Elizabeth II’s death on September 8th brought her incredible 70-year reign to an end, making her Britain’s longest serving monarch.

Her portrait features on all the UK’s 29 billion coins and 4.7 billion banknotes currently in circulation. Having served as the sovereign leader of 15 nations and head of the Commonwealth to more than 50 others, her face appears on at least 20 currencies worldwide. The remarkable longevity of her reign and the omnipresence of her portrait on many of the world’s currencies helped make her one of the most recognisable people in the world.

In line with tradition, notes and coins featuring the Queen’s face will slowly be removed from circulation and replaced by the new monarch, King Charles III. However, this could take many years and the Royal Mint and Bank of England have confirmed that all coins with Queen Elizabeth II’s profile image will remain legal tender for some time.

We do not buy general circulation coins, however, we are keen to purchase silver and gold commemorative and bullion coins and coin sets.

In this article, we will outline why now could be a good time to sell scrap gold.

How will this impact gold prices?

This is of interest to gold buyers and sellers due to the many gold and silver investment and bullion coins featuring Queen Elizabeth II’s portrait. While it is difficult to predict demand at this early stage, there has been a recent spike in interest from collectors and investors for historic coins featuring the Queen, meaning now could be a good time to sell scrap gold.

The time is ripe for sellers as the price of gold has climbed in the wake of her Majesty’s passing – gold was priced at £47.81 per gram on September 8th – compared to the time of writing, October 06th, when one gram of gold is worth £49.20.

So, if you have unwanted scrap gold at home that you’d like to sell – perhaps unworn or broken jewellery, don’t miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of today’s high price and demand of gold.

If you do have any scrap gold, you could really benefit from gold’s current high prices and the bleak outcome for the UK economy.

How to sell scrap gold?

You might have more scrap gold at home than you thought because we accept a wide range of items including, jewellery, coins, gold bullion, watches, and dental gold.

Sell your scrap gold in three easy steps:

1. Calculate the value of your scrap metals using our scrap gold calculator - all you need to know is its weight and purity.
2. Pack and post your items securely, enclosing a copy of your completed seller’s form, ideally using a Royal Mail Special Delivery tamper-proof envelope for maximum security.
3. Receive your payment within 24 hours of the day we receive your parcel.

Royal Mail strikes - next set for 13th, 20th and 25th October

We recommend using Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service, especially as it continues to be prioritised during industrial action. And with end-to-end tracking and signature on delivery included, you’ll get even greater peace of mind.

Complete our simple seller’s form when you’re read to sell. If you have any questions about selling your gold with Scrap Gold UK, please call our dedicated team on 01902 828 400 or contact us today. You can also book a face-to-face appointment at our head office in Wolverhampton if you prefer.

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