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Scrap Silver - Gone But Not Forgotten

Published Saturday 2nd May 2009

Silver was once regarded as a far more desirable and precious metal than today, at its peak in the 17th Century, silver traded for as much as 18% (Approx one sixth) of the price of gold - until the discovery of the Americas and large silver deposits around the central American regions. Since its peak in the early 17th century the price of silver has dropped dramatically to less than the equivalent 1% gold price.

Similar to gold, silver uses a graded finesse value to chart the purity of the metal - These are commonly 999 for 99.9% pure silver, through 925 (92.%), 800 (80%) and 500 (50%).

Silver is denoted as Ag in the periodic table and is used in everything from jewellery and cutlery to dentisty and mirrors.

If you have silver jewellery, coins, cutlery, candlestick holders or any other silver items, use our scrap silver calculator to find out how much your silver is worth on the scrap silver market.

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