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Melting Scrap Gold - The Video

Published Wednesday 22nd July 2009

People are always interested in what happens to their old scrap gold jewellery once we receive it... It's actually quite interesting so we thought we'd created a quick video clip to show the before and after process for your old scrap gold!

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A Guide To British Hallmarks

Published Tuesday 21st July 2009

Hallmarks date back over 600 years to the fourth century AD and were introduced by the Byzantine Empire as a standard to identify silver - their most precious alloy - through...

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Five Reasons To Choose Scrap Gold UK

Published Monday 20th July 2009

Why choose Scrap Gold?

The Original
Scrap Gold UK are a part of Sabre Jewellery, a Birmingham Jewellery Quarter based company with a long history in the jewellery industry - Highlights in our years of business include presenting HRH Prince Charles with a set of...

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Charting The Price Of Gold Between 2000 - 2009

Published Wednesday 15th July 2009

The steady rise in the price of gold over the past decade is common knowledge, the best way to demonstrate this increase is with a visual graph charting the price January 2000 and...

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How Is The Price Of Gold Set?

Published Tuesday 7th July 2009

Did you know... While the global gold price is always quoted in US Dollars ($), it's actually calculated on a twice daily basis in Pounds Sterling (£) by the London Bullion Market Association!

Gold is a sensitive commodity which can be affected in value on a...

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