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What?s Happened To A Glint Of Gold In Modern Smiles?

Published Wednesday 27th April 2016

Selling your broken, outdated or just unwanted gold jewellery is a brilliant way to make some extra cash, and help meet the commercial demand for the precious metal.

As we’ve seen, the electronics industry is constantly in need of gold for the technology we use every day, but...

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Gold's On The Up ? So Now Is A Great Time To See What Yours Is Worth

Published Wednesday 20th April 2016

Now is probably one of the best times to dig out your old, broken and unwanted pieces of gold and convert them into cash, because gold prices have been steadily rising – and it doesn't look like they’ll be heading in the opposite direction for some time.

The gold price...

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Extract Gold For Recycling Using Bacteria?!

Published Wednesday 13th April 2016

Selling your scrap gold jewellery for extra cash is easy – easy for you and easy for industry to get at the precious metal it contains and reuse it. But it’s hasn’t been such an easy job for people who are recycling gold from electronic waste – until now.


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Urban Mining: The New Gold Rush For Recycled Precious Metal

Published Wednesday 6th April 2016

Obtaining money for ‘scrap’ gold jewellery – the unwanted or broken items lying in the back of a drawer – is great way to make some extra cash.

Such is the demand from industry for gold components, whether that’s for a new smartphone or for the circuits in a laptop,...

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