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Find out how to turn your unwanted gold items into cash

Published Wednesday 10th August 2016

Selling your broken, old or unwanted gold jewellery to convert to cash is actually pretty straightforward. We’re based in Birmingham’s famous jewellery quarter, but you don’t need to travel to the shop to complete the transaction: it can all be done by post.

When you’re selling gold items, remember to make sure you deal with a reputable company with a solid track record. There is always an element of trust when you are sending precious items by post but with Scrap Gold, you can be assured on a number of levels.

We are a long-established family-run business that is a member of the British Jewellery Association and the Gold Standard Scheme. What’s more, because we are a bricks and mortar business as well as having an online presence, you have an additional level of security.

Selling your unwanted gold pieces is an easy process. We have an online guide and form to fill out with information about the pieces you are sending, their estimated weight and value. 

You can check the current scrap gold price live on our website. This is the value of gold per troy ounce – the unit of measurement used when dealing with gold. 

The price of gold has been soaring this year because of its value as an investment product. However, remember to check the scrap gold rather than the gold price to find out how much you’re likely to receive. This is always lower than the main gold price because it takes into account the smelting processing that is necessary to turn scrap gold into a recycled product that can be used again. 

The scrap gold price rises when the main index does and is divided into 9ct, 14ct, 18ct, 22ct and 24ct with the higher carats obviously attracting the higher prices. If you don’t know what carat your gold is or don’t want to do the calculations, don’t worry – we can do all of that for you.