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Why recycling your old gold should be on your Christmas list

Published Wednesday 28th September 2016

It doesn’t seem two minutes since the August Bank Holiday but already we’re almost in October and the shops are filling up with Christmas stock.

If you’ve started to think about your Christmas shopping, you’re probably also thinking about how you’re going to fund it. This is popular time of year for selling your old, broken and unwanted pieces of gold jewellery because it gives you a bit of extra cash to spend on the festive period. 

It’s worth checking your jewellery box for pieces you no long wear, whether that’s because they’re too old fashion or because they’re broken and you never will get around to having them repaired. As long as the item is solid gold – not gold plated – you’ll be able to trade it in for cash. 

We also recycle old gold and silver coins and household items, but again only solid silver makes the cut. We don’t take silver plated pieces. 

People choosing to recycle their unwanted gold in 2016 have been able to earn some top prices. The gold price has soared this year and that means better returns when you send in your scrap gold – but remember, the scrap gold price will always be lower than the general gold price. That reflects the fact that once an item has been accepted, it has to be weighed, processed and melted down before it can be reused. 

Because we’re based in Birmingham’s world famous jewellery quarter, we can get the recycled gold out quickly to jewellers to create something new from it. One of the many benefits of gold is that it can be melted down over and over again without losing any of its value or beauty. 

So if you’re looking to earn some extra cash for Christmas, have a look in your jewellery box and get recycling.