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Why recycled wedding rings are all the rage

Published Wednesday 15th February 2017

They go by many names eco-friendly, ethical or just plain recycled but wedding rings made from repurposed gold are becoming a key trend for couples who care about the planet.

Committing to a ring made from recycled gold is becoming important to people who are concerned about the social and environmental damage that gold mining can be responsible for, from the labour used to extract the precious metal to the harmful chemicals used in the processing.

With Valentine's Day just past and wedding season approaching, it's a subject that will be on many brides minds as they organise their big day. Choosing recycled gold to symbolise the endless union in the shape of the wedding ring is a popular choice.

The gold that we recycle goes into making new jewellery, bars and coins. The beauty of gold as a metal is that no one can tell whether an item has been made from reused gold or virgin metal. Gold has properties that allow it to be used repeatedly without it losing its lustre.

Unless you specifically sought out new gold or recycled gold for your own wedding ring, there's no way or telling whether your item is made from old or new gold.

The growing demand means that we need to collect more of your unwanted gold to help meet the needs of the market. It's worth checking out whether you have any broken, unwanted or unfashionable pieces that can be turned into something new.

It's also a great time to think about recycling your old chains, rings, earrings and pendants because the gold price has remained strong, so you're well placed to get the best returns.

Remember, the price you'll receive is based on the 'scrap gold' price, because this takes into account the additional processing work required to return gold to the state where it can be used again to create beautiful new pieces.