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What's new in gold jewellery for 2017?

Published Monday 2nd January 2017

It’s a New Year and time for a new look in your jewellery box.

According to industry watchers, gold is set to be a big trend in jewellery again this year – and the items made from it will be on the large side too. Experts are predicting everyone will be going mad for big earrings, such as hoop and chandelier styles, and chunky statement bracelets.

Charm necklaces are also forecast to play a big part in the fashionable woman’s jewellery collection this year, after the huge success of charm bracelets in recent years. Delicate collectible pieces that can be added to your necklace throughout the year are predicted to be one of the major trends for 2017.

It’s a great time for a New Year clear out of your jewellery box to make room for the exciting new pieces that are coming through. By choosing to sell your unwanted or old, unfashionable gold jewellery, you can raise money to replace it with new fashionable pieces and play a part in restocking the industry at the same time. All the precious metal for this new gold jewellery has to be sourced, and the more old gold put back into the system for recycling, the less that has to come from mining which can cause damage to the environment.

We don’t care about the age or style of the gold jewellery you send in to be recycled. As long as it’s pure gold, not gold plated, we can offer you a great price based on its weight and carat.

We also recycle silver items so they can be used again and again. In addition to silver jewellery, we’re looking for other old silver household items from bowls to hair brushes.

If your resolution was to declutter for 2017, we can help you make money from your clear out too.