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The Opportunity for a pre-Christmas 2020 Cash Boost

Published Monday 14th December 2020

You don’t need to read the headlines to know 2020 has been a tough year - the COVID-19 pandemic has done much to our health and our economy. But it’s not all doom and gloom - having a bit of scrap gold gathering dust around your home could offer you that much-needed cash boost ahead of Christmas 2020.

With prices higher than during any previous festive season on record, your scrap gold could go further than before, so it could be the opportune time for you to make a sale with Scrap Gold UK today.

A pre-Christmas boost from gold

The ongoing restrictions from the COVID-19 pandemic mean you’ve probably spent far more time within your four walls than ever before. That may have given plenty of time for you to go through the home, and think long and hard about what you need and what can go.

Scrap gold has become increasingly valuable this year, and Scrap Gold UK has been following gold prices higher and higher in 2020, on news of recession and economic uncertainty. Prices touched £1,500 per troy ounce for the first time this summer. As a result, we’re able to offer customers as much as £15.93 per gram of 9-carat gold.

It’s one of the most competitive prices to find in the gold scrap markets, as Scrap Gold UK’s service is highly digitised, meaning we require lower overheads than most buyers. To see what your item could earn you, check out our Gold Scrap Calculator here - all you need to know is the weight and purity of your item.

Make a sale with Scrap Gold UK today

Higher prices for scrap gold mean something of a pre-Christmas dividend, if you time your sale right. Scrap Gold UK has been helping customers make timely sales for many years, and we do so using a secure, easy-to-use service.

For more information about how to sell with Scrap Gold UK today, check out our How Does It Work guide here. When you’re ready to go, it’s time to fill in the Sell Your Gold form here. With a few short clicks, you can make a sale easily, without even having to set foot outside your front door.

Please note that Scrap Gold UK will pause receipt of scrap gold items over the festive season from 17th December 2020, so make sure to send your item ahead of time, to carry out a speedy transaction. To avoid having to visit a Post Office branch in person, why not try the online Post Office collection service?

For more information about making a sale today, give us a call on 01902 828 400, to get in touch with our team, in case you have any enquiries to make.