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Ten Reasons to use Scrap Gold UK

Published Friday 18th December 2009

Just a few of the many reasons why thousands of people choose Scrap Gold UK each year...

1. Scrap Gold UK are one of the original Scrap Gold Dealers - We built the band wagon!

2. We have a bricks and mortar office in the world famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter - Just give us a call on 0121 523 1046 and we'll arrange an appointment to meet and assess your old, silver or platinum. Find our office on Google Maps.

3. We're a family company - You'll most likely deal with the same person every time you contact us!

4. We're part of Sabre Jewellery, an established jewellery manufacture with over 25 years in the industry.

5. We are honest and transparent about our price, weights and measures.

6. We have a huge loyal and well established customer history - Many of our customers have returned several times, some sending a small amount of gold initially to test the service.

7. We guarantee that if you are not entirely satisfied with our valuation, we'll send your package straight back without delay.

8. We don't do gimmicks - while our competitors are busy with expensive TV adverts, we're investing out time and effort in customer service and fair pricing.

9. We're a BJA member - The British Jewellers' Association is an industry body setup to recognise trusted and genuine companies within the jewellery industry.

10. We update our pricing daily - if not more often - so you'll always get a fair price relative to the ever changing live market value.

Use our Gold Calculator to find out how much your old forgotten or broken jewellery is worth.