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Sell Scrap Gold to Prepare for Household Bills Topping £5,000 in 2023

Published Monday 5th September 2022

Sell Scrap Gold to Prepare for Household Bills Topping £5,000 in 2023

The cost-of-living crisis has been hitting the pockets of Brits for many months now. The situation looks set to worsen for many with household bills spiralling out of control and the government failing to act appropriately,

On August 25th a new energy price cap was announced. The new price cap will come in from October 1st with the BBC reporting that the typical household bill will rise significantly.

So, with the costs of energy rising ever higher we wanted to highlight the benefits of selling scrap gold. Keep reading to learn how selling scrap gold could be the answer to rising energy bills.

How high could my energy bill rise next year?

With the new energy price cap next year, the typical household bill will rise to £3,549. If that sounds bad, it could yet get worse in 2023.

Prices could rise again in January when the price cap is updated again. Cornwall Insight Analysts forecast that the typical energy bill in January 2023 could be as high as £5,386 per year, and they’re predicting further rises on top of this eye watering figure.

The price cap is just an indication of the typical cost of energy for Brits. You could pay more or less depending on the amount of energy you use. If you mostly work from home, you could pay more than the price cap indicates for instance.

Many are faced with the decision “eat or heat”, however by selling scrap gold you could release much needed funds to help you manage your household budget.

Sell scrap gold to cover your household bills

For those that have unwanted scrap gold at home, the high price and demand for the precious yellow metal can be used to your advantage when energy bills begin to mount. The price of gold tends to rise during times of economic crisis, such as now. This is because investor demand for precious metals grows when the economy struggles. Due to the historic performance of gold in tough times investors consider the yellow metal a hedge against inflation. If you have unwanted gold at home, perhaps in the form of unworn jewellery, you could benefit from gold’s current high prices. If you face a high energy bill in the next few months going into 2023 the sale of scrap gold could enable you to raise quick cash. Rather than resorting to expensive short-term loans, why not consider selling gold you no longer have a use for?

High prices and payment within 24 hours

At the time of writing, at today’s prices 31st August, you could net the following prices per gram by selling your scrap gold:

9 Carat £16.88
14 Carat £26.33
18 Carat £33.75
22 Carat £41.22
24 Carat £45.00

Using our scrap gold calculator you can determine how much your scrap gold sale would net you. If you had 10 grams of 9 carat gold to sell today, you would make £168.80. With greater purity and/or weight you could stand to make even more.

Sell scrap gold in 3 easy steps

It’s that easy. In just 3 simple steps you can receive your payment:

Step 1 - Value your gold - you can value your gold, silver, platinum or palladium using our scrap metal calculators. Just work out your item’s weight and purity and enter them into our calculators which will calculate your value.

Step 2 - Pack your items - securely pack your items and send them to us via a Royal Mail Special Delivery tamper-proof envelope.

Step 3 - Get your money in 24 hours - we send your bank transfer on the day we receive your parcel.

When you’re ready to sell, please complete our simple seller’s form. If you have any questions about selling gold don’t hesitate to get in touch, or visit our head offices in Wolverhampton by appointment.