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Rose gold jewellery's in the pink: why now is good time to sell

Published Wednesday 8th June 2016

Trends on the high street suggest that rose gold is enjoying a comeback and yellow gold is not far behind it, meaning that if you have rose or yellow gold items that are damaged or you no longer wear, now is a good time to sell.

Demand for rose and yellow gold from jewellers means that more of the precious metal is required for recycling and you’ll be able to earn a decent price if you decide to part with it. Of course, the strong gold price per troy ounce that we’ve seen so far this year also signifies a great time to make some money from trinkets you don’t need or use.

Britni-May Edwards from Page Fine Jewellery in Ely, Cambridgeshire, told Professional Jeweller: “Trends can take a while to ripple through, and rose gold is at a peak for us.

“It did take a while for it to get through, but it’s now showing no signs of slowing down. Nine carat gold sales are creeping up now. It’s more noticeable because it wasn’t selling before, probably because the price was so high.”

Rose gold, which is pinkish in colour, was originally popular with Russian royals in the 1800s and was also very fashionable in the 1920s. It’s a mixed metal, and 18 carat rose gold is typically made up from around 75 per cent yellow gold, 21 per cent copper – which creates the rosy glow – and four per cent silver.

While the pieces that are currently popular are modern, pinkish items, older rose gold jewellery doesn’t have the same on-trend look but is certainly worth trading in to recycle.

With much of the gold we buy melted down to make jewellery items, your unwanted rose gold could find itself transformed into new wedding and engagement rings – and put you in the pink with some extra cash in your pocket.