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Jewellery designer recognises lustre of recycled gold

Published Wednesday 12th October 2016

A former London-based jewellery designer, who moved to Los Angeles is making a name for herself by using recycled gold.

Durrah Khalil was never one for recycling until she started working with the LA-based brand Love Goodly.

She had previously relied on virgin gold, which was manufactured to her designs by a team in Italy.

Now she is using gold made from recycled items, such as the broken and unwanted gold pieces that we buy from our customers, and gold salvaged from other sources.

Durrah told the New Straits Times: “Recycled metal costs more but you can’t tell the difference just by looking at it. “We’re working with the same people in Italy that we’ve been with since the beginning, so I’m OK. I trust then and they trust that I’m doing this for the right reasons.”

The designer is now aiming to make her whole jewellery line between 80 and 100 per cent sustainable within the next 12 months. Recycled gold jewellery is becoming popular among buyers who support sustainability and prefer to live a greener lifestyle. They like reused gold because of their wish to avoid contributing to the harm gold mining does to the environment and many people are event prepared to pay more for it as a result. Using gold again may be fashionable now, but it’s not a new trend.

Jewellers in the UK have been using recycled gold to make their products alongside ‘new’ gold for many years. It’s impossible to tell whether the gold ring on your finger, or the broken gold earrings lying forgotten in your jewellery box, are made from newly-mined gold or whether they was created from melted down items that have been around for decades. That’s because the precious metal doesn’t lose any of its qualities and can be used time and time again. With demand from the industry high for more recycled gold, now is a great time to sell the old gold pieces you no longer want and earn some extra cash.