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Is gold on your Christmas list this year?

Published Wednesday 30th November 2016

The Three Kings certainly had something right in their Christmas gift giving list. While most of us wouldn’t know quite what to do with a festive present of frankincense or myrrh, it’s unlikely anyone would say no to a piece of gold jewellery waiting for them underneath the Christmas tree.

If you haven’t finished your Christmas shopping – or haven’t started yet – gold is almost a guaranteed winner. And you can raise extra funds to finish off your festive shopping, or perhaps buy something special for yourself, by gathering together your old, unwanted or broken gold items to sell for recycling.

The beauty of selling on your old gold is that it’s the ultimate in recycling. The gold ring on your finger or chain around your neck may well be recycled already, and can be again and again without losing any of its lustre.

Jewellers Brilliant Earth, which only uses recycled precious metals in its designs, says: “Because our reclaimed silver, gold, platinum, and palladium are refined back into their pure elements, they are of identical quality to newly mined metals.”

Recycled gold is having a bit of a fashion moment. Increasingly, eco-conscious jewellers are making more of a point of using gold that has been ‘reclaimed’, and advertising it as such, to attract environmentally-friendly shoppers. There’s often a premium to be paid on designer pieces made from recycled gold too.

It’s likely that as the trend reaches a wider market place, the demand for scrap gold to create new pieces will also rise. That means your unwanted pieces tucked away in the back of a drawer or jewellery box will be in high demand. Plus, the strong prices that gold bullion has achieved this year makes now a great time to consider cashing in your unwanted gold jewellery.