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Gold Prices are Ripe for Selling Scrap Gold This Summer

Published Wednesday 24th July 2019

With Brexit continuing to rumble on this summer, gold prices are hitting near-all-time highs. This means that if you happen to hold some gold scrap, you could be in with a chance of making some respectable sums if you decide to sell your scrap gold.

It’s the ideal time to consider selling your scrap gold, as gold prices have a habit of enjoying strong performances in the run up to autumn, when annual demand for gold is often at its highest.

Valuations at the click of a button

One of the benefits of selling your scrap gold with Scrap Gold UK is that you’re able to make a near-instant valuation of what you possess, without having to do so much as click a few buttons. Our Scrap Gold Calculator simply requires a weight in grams and an approximate carat (or purity).

Prices for your sold scrap gold are based on the London LBMA, something of a gold standard when it comes to valuations for gold on the open market. By using this as the basis for prices, we can guarantee that you will get what you expect, when you sell scrap gold with us today.

Scrap of all shapes and sizes

Not only does Scrap Gold UK accept items of scrap gold, we also welcome customers who wish to sell scrap silver. As with scrap gold items, you can try our Scrap Silver Calculator, to see what you can expect to make, by selling scrap silver with us.

Whether you hold gold coins, or even just a bit of dental gold fillings, we’re happy to take a look. Loved ones often pass down jewellery with some gold or silver in it. If you find a broken piece of gold jewellery, that’s not a problem – it’s still worth something to us.

Selling scrap gold, the easy way

When selling scrap gold, you want to make sure you get the valuation you expect. Equally, you might be looking for a transaction that is prompt and secure. With Scrap Gold UK, you can expect just that. We’ve been helping people sell scrap gold, whether it’s 9 carat or 24 carat, rose gold or scrap silver.

When you feel ready to make an enquiry, fill in this Seller Form, to let us help you sell scrap gold efficiently.

If you would like to get in touch to discuss a possible sale of scrap gold to us, check our Contact page. You can reach us by telephone, email or post.

Alternatively, if you wish to visit our Wolverhampton offices, make sure to drop us a message, to book an appointment, and we’ll be happy to see how we can serve you.