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2017's gold jewellery trends what catches your imagination?

Published Wednesday 25th January 2017

The days are slowly getting longer and spring is around the corner, which means a new fashion season will soon be upon us.

The jewellery fashion gurus are pointing to large hoop and chandelier-style earrings as one of the big trends in gold jewellery for the new season.  Elaborate engagement rings, charm bracelets and necklaces that you can add to are also on the agenda.

The jewellery trend-spotters say that rose gold – which has been hot for a few years – will continue to be a major player this year, especially when it’s adorned with gemstones. Rose gold was originally fashionable in the Victorian era and takes its pinkish colour from copper added to the gold.

If you are looking to refresh your gold jewellery this year, a great way to fund it is to recycle your old broken and unworn pieces. The majority of the gold we buy goes straight back into the system to be refashioned into new jewellery, and it’s likely some of the brand new pieces you’re already lusting after have spent time in another incarnation.

You may have some rose gold in your collection, which can be recycled just like the purer forms of gold. It can be separated down to its constituent parts before it re-enters the jewellery world and may find itself as a yellow gold item next time around.

It’s also a great time to hunt out your unwanted gold even if you’re not looking to replace it, because gold is enjoying another surge in prices. The uncertainty around new US President Donald Trump’s policies means that investors are flocking to the precious metal as a safe place to put their money, so you can expect a decent return for your pieces. Remember, the ‘scrap’ gold price you receive will be lower than the main gold price, because your old gold has to be processed before it can be reused, but there are still plenty of opportunities to release and even make money from old gold pieces.