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Posting Gold? Please Read this first...

Before sending your gold to any of the TV advertised Postal Gold companies, please read Johanna's story...

Many of these 'As Advertised on TV' postal gold companies are resorting to little more than theft, we're hearing on a daily basis through our customers and online forums of many postal gold companies withholding and delaying the return of gold to people when they question the price offered and request their gold back.

Last week (2nd February 2010) we received the following email from a customer...

Johanna from Bedfordshire last week sent in the following feedback to us, Johanna has kindly agreed for us to quote her email...

Johanna sent some gold jewellery to Postal Gold, on receipt of her package they offered her just £2.19, now you may think you misread that but yes they offered her just £2.19 - Now bear in mind the gold price last week was running at around £8.60 per gram of 9 carat gold!

Obviously dissatisfied with the offer from Postal Gold, Johanna took it to a stand in the local shopping centre, they offered her a far more respectable £350 for the exact same quantity of gold!

Before parting with her gold, Johanna made a quick search online and used our calculator to estimate the real value of her gold, happy with the figure we quoted instantly online using our scrap gold calculator Johanna sent her gold to us at Scrap Gold UK.  Using Royal Mail Special delivery to send in her gold on Saturday morning, we received her package, assessed the contents and by Wednesday morning, just four days later - Johanna had a cheque from us for £514. Yes £514 instead of £2.19! That's a 23370% percent increase!

We're desperate to convey to all customers, new and old that Scrap Gold UK are different. We work on a very simple business model. Our web site shows the UK Gold Price, updated twice a day - we pay 92% of the ACTUAL UK Gold Price, taking an 8% fee to cover our costs of refining the gold and operating profit.

We're a family firm with a long history in the Jewellery Business, we're located in the world famous Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, we're real people with a real phone number that you can call anytime day or night (OK not night but you know what we mean!). If you have gold to sell or you're worry about sending your gold away, call us on 01902 828 400 for honest, impartial advise.