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Rhodium is a lesser know yet high value - currently the highest - precious metal, fetching around $2,500 per troy ounce (February 2010).  Rhodium has a light whitish  silver appearance, similar to platinum and is identified by the chemical symbol Rh - with an atomic number of 45 - and is in the platinum group of metals.

Rhodium is commonly used in jewellery and industry as an electroplating (Often called flashing) material to coat other less hard wearing metals such as silver and gold, Rhodium has excellent anti-corrosive properties.  Solid rhodium is very rare, especially in jewellery due to its high melting point and strength making it difficult to fabricate small intricate designs  such as rings and other decorative jewellery.

The high price of Rhodium is attributed to a combination of scarcity and accessibility, extraction of Rhodium from its natural environment in the surrounding ore requires a very complex method of processing and refining to achieve the pure rhodium alloy.

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