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Refer a friend to Scrap Gold UK and we'll pay you commission on their gold! It couldn't be more straight forward, simply complete the form below with your friends name and email address, together with your contact details (So we know where to send your cheque) and hit the 'Refer a Friend' button.

What happens after I complete the form? We'll automatically send your friend an email containing a link and referral code - When you friend completes the 'Sell Now' form and sends in their scrap gold we'll send your friend a cheque for the value of their gold on the day of receipt and a cheque for up to £100 direct to you in thank you for the referral!

Please Note: It's vital the email address you enter for your friend contact details is correct! Your friend must use the referral code to complete the referral process.

We advise you to also email your friend after completing and submitting this form to ensure our email to them hasn't been caught up in any junk filters along the way!

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To prevent spam, please enter the two words shown in the box below. Please also tick the box to confirm the information you have provided is correct and your nominated friend is personally known to you.

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