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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Time for a Scrap Gold Spring-Clean

It’s that time of the year again to have a good spring clean and tidy out any unwanted items you might have cluttering up your home. If you find yourself discovering any unwanted gold, have you thought about selling it for some easy cash?

Scrap Gold UK makes sure its prices are based on the London Gold Fix Price, which is pretty much the most official way to price gold in the world. We make sure to keep our prices updated, to match changes in the price, and guarantee our customers always get value for their scrap gold.

All kinds of scrap gold, big or small

We never discriminate when it comes to gold. Whether you found some golden jewellery, a gold watch or an old family heirloom, it will be worth something to us. We even handle old or unwanted gold dental crowns, but would ask customers to make sure these are as clean and presentable as possible before sending them in!

Do you happen to own broken pieces of golden jewellery, but worry that they’re not worth as much? This isn’t a problem for us. You may find even the smallest pieces of gold can make you a decent amount of cash.

Own a bit of white or rose gold, but worried that it’s not pure enough? Don’t worry, we accept scrap rose and white gold too. If it’s gold, we’re happy to accept it.

Experienced gold specialists

Scrap Gold UK is a family-run business, originally based in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, a world-renowned place for people to buy and sell their precious jewellery. Our new home in nearby Wolverhampton is more spacious and allows us to provide secure off road parking for visiting clients.

We have many years of extensive expertise in the world of gold jewellery, and try to get the best prices for our customers.

We want to give you peace of mind when selling your scrap gold, and can offer careful analysis of it, in case you need a professional examination of it. We use top-of-the-range equipment and make sure to use non-destructive methods when examining all scrap gold we receive, so that we can give you an accurate valuation every time.

Decent scrap gold prices

Got scrap gold but don’t know how much it’s worth? Use our scrap gold calculator to help work out the sort of money you could make if you sell it to us. All you need to know is how much it weighs and an idea about its carat or purity.

If you would like us to take a look at your scrap gold for you, feel free to send it to us for a valuation. Please note that if you wish to transfer amounts of scrap gold likely to be worth £2,000 or more, you should call or email us first, to arrange the safest way to transfer it.

Remember, the greater the purity, the more you’re likely to earn from selling your scrap gold. And we can offer decent prices that will vary according to purity and the market rate.

Is now the perfect time to sell your scrap gold?

It could be the ideal time to sell scrap gold to Scrap Gold UK, as the price of gold has remained high since the financial crisis. Basically, your gold will go further than ever before, as gold prices over the last couple of years are significantly higher than those just a few years ago.

Why wait? Contact us if you’d like to arrange an appointment and if you’re close to our HQ in Wolverhampton, you can simply drop by. We’ll be happy to discuss any plans you might have about selling your scrap gold.